The Perfect Essential Oil Company

IMG_9717With so many essential oil companies tooting their horn – how does one know which brand is the best?

Once again – there really is no need for me to re-invent the wheel – because I certainly do not profess to be a writer. That being said, there are many great writers and researchers who write fabulous posts (who have literally done their homework) and so I simply nod and tip my hat – and provide links to articles that are darn good reads. The Perfect Essential Oil Company: This article discusses the purity issue, multi-level marketing, therapeutic grade.

At Bespoke Aromatics we carry a large selection of Pure Essential Oils many of which are organically produced.

Note:  Aromatherapy, like any other natural therapy, is intended to complement not replace traditional medicine.  When in doubt about any medical condition, always seek medical advice.   See legal

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Essential Oils: Debunking the cost and the purity issue

At Bespoke Aromatics we work with essential oils which are obtained from plant materials that are grown, harvested and distilled often in the country to which they are native.  We buy our oils in bulk from an international distributor whom we have dealt with for 25 years, we also trust the purity, quality, and business ethics of the following companies.

Poya Organics

True Essence by Rae Dunphy Aromatics

Karooch Oils by Alypsis

Eden Botanicals

Many companies create strong marketing campaigns and set their prices much higher than other suppliers in order to validate the purity of their essential oils.

Excerpt From:  The Quality of Essential Oils, by Jade Shutes

CERTIFIED PURE THERAPEUTIC GRADE: This is a relatively new trademark by a multi-level marketing company. It gives the appearance of being approved by some kind of higher authority and it has been said that the company states it is a FDA approved to use this label. According to Elston (2009), “This registered word mark has not been provided to them by the FDA as they claim and is meaningless in proving that an outside certifying body has declared or designated that DoTERRAʼs essential oils are certified pure therapeutic grade. DoTERRA, LLC owns the right to exclusive use of the mark (however not the exclusive right to the actual words “Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade” which is revealing) This seal or word mark is nothing more than a commercial trademark that they have registered and paid a fee for”.

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