On Peace

No one is spared from worry, grief and sadness, we must just learn to carry it in a way that propels us forward rather than in circles.

Finding the Magic Within


Some days it feels as if the world is falling apart. The news is heartbreaking and worrisome. It feels as if we’re being pulled into a deep pit of fear and despair. ‘What can I do’, we ask. ‘I am only one person on this planet, one voice, how can I possibly make a difference?’

Like you, I have felt swept along with the tide of hopelessness, yet it isn’t in my nature to give up or to admit defeat. I have a strong core that bears me up and has me thinking about solutions, not allowing myself to become buried in the negative energies.

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Chana Masala

So many folks are feeling the pinch with their food budgets. Healthy high protein and inexpensive tasty dishes like this are perfect for taking to work for lunches.

Yummy Goodness

Smells Like Brownies

Chana MasalaI adore Indian food. I love the spices and the warmth. I love that Indian food is packed with things that are good for my body, and that it doesn’t taste like “health food.” Indian food is fantastic.

But I’ve got to admit that I don’t cook Indian food at home very often. True, I love going home and recreating every delicious food in my very own kitchen; but I just find that Indian food is always better when I order it out. (Or, ahem, when friends make it for me. Yeah, you know who you are.)

In the months since learning about Caitlin’s dairy intolerance, I’ve had to avoid eating a lot of my favorite things. Dairy is in almost everything! And since a lot of Indian food is cooked with ghee (clarified butter), I’ve been wary of ordering Indian food at a restaurant.

Enter glorious chana masala, a simple dish featuring…

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