Holistic Living: Connection between inflammation and histamine levels

Three of the most common health issues that my clientele have shared with me over the last two decades are: 1) how terribly they suffer from environmental allergies; 2) how they have developed early on-set arthritis and 3) just how horrible their symptoms are during menopause.  There are a number of factors that contribute to these thee common complaints just as there are a number of complimentary health modalities and life style changes that one can incorporate into their wellness regime.


One supplement that I highly  recommend is Quercetin, (in particular the Natural Factors brand which also contains tumeric extract, grapeseed extract and QCo10 (sorry I don’t have enough time to write an entire post about the benefits,  but here is a link to an amazing blog called The Menopausal Histamine Connection.  Check it out it – what a great resource!

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