Mister Golden Sun

Share a photograph inspired by a favorite poem, verse, story, or song lyric. Capture the beauty of morning or evening half-light in your corner of the globe.

Signs-of-Summer-5 - Version 2

Oh Mister Sun, sun, sun, Mister golden sun, please shine down on me.
Oh mister sun, sun, mister golden sun, hiding behind the trees.

These little children are asking you, to please come out so we can play with you.
Oh mister sun, sun, mister golden sun, please shine down on me.

By Raffi



Ancient Opus

“The combination of simultaneously blending aromatic notes to produce an accord thus having a pleasing effect; the quality of forming a pleasing and consistent whole.”

“The combination of simultaneously sounded musical notes to produce chords having a pleasing effect; the quality of forming a pleasing and consistent whole.”

Opus, an artistic composition.

The Art of perfume making and building harmony into an accord not only requires a good nose but having an understanding of the descriptors of scent by note classification.


Note:  Aromatherapy, like any other natural therapy, is intended to complement not replace traditional medicine.  When in doubt about any medical condition, always seek medical advice.   See legal

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When I peer through the lens of my camera and frame the magical design and beauty of the universe – in that moment, I become transcended from what other state of mind I once was.

The giving of tulips represent a-time-of-new. Conveying encouragement, true love and everlasting passion.

Sweet kisses upon the cheek of newborn babes,
cherish the moment, full of grace.
Tulips meet with passion deep,
hearts may wilt, but true love never fades.

By SGTopper, 2016




Live Love Smell & Learn

#LiveLoveSmell & Learn about Essential Oils
Workshops are starting soon
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Basic Aromachology Intro Workshop

Areas of discussion

Defining Aromatherapy and Aromachology. What are Essential Oils?
How are they made?
How to use Essential Oils Safely and Effectively
Debunking the Myths: Purity & Pricing
Reading between the Lines: The Lingo
We will cover 12 of the most useful Essential Oils
Formulation Mathematics
Logistics & Legal regarding the sale of your own handcrafted products.



Note:  Aromatherapy, like any other natural therapy, is intended to complement not replace traditional medicine.  When in doubt about any medical condition, always seek medical advice.   See legal

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Creative Genius: (Series 3), Ordinary Objects: Another’s Treasures

My mother was a genius, an artist, a writer and she spent 11 years hanging out in the woods.

Unfortunately she experienced many tragic events in her life that resulted in a downward spiral.  Unable to work, live alone and care for herself she came to live with our family while we were raising our children.  Mom was easily agitated by the noise and chaos within our home that goes along with the day-to-day rambunctiousness of young children.  Our one acre wood lot became her safe haven. With our dogs at her side she spent hours, well actually years – creating a magical place in our woods.  She dug up the noxious weeds, planted scented ground covers, pruned trees, built miniature Inuksuks from stones that she unearthed, dangled beads and wires from trees, and maintained a half-dozen or so bird feeding stations. Mom had several storage places and baskets where she would keep her tools; clippers, snipers, twine, flowers seeds.  She referred to these places as Stations – outfitted with a chair or hammock, a place where she could rest every once in a while.  One particular Station was even outfitted with a makeshift lean-to where she could stay dry during a rain shower.

One winter mom took ill and was unable to return to her woods.  The wind blew over the lean-to and her collection of items remained untouched until I was able to gather them the following spring.


It was a sad time, but I’m happy knowing that we were able to offer her a place where she was able to escape, other than from the chaos within our house.

One person’s ordinary objects are another’s treasures.



Creative Genius: (Series 2)


Despite being a voracious reader my mother struggled academically during her youth due to her disruptive family life.   As well her artistic aspirations where often thwarted by criticism.

Get your head out of the clouds and focus on your studies.
Art doesn’t put food on the table.
That one looks as though a polar bear shat on it.

As a young adult in the early 60’s my mother’s creative spirit further ended up on the back burner while having to deal with the hardship and stigma associated with being a single parent.  Mom ended up sending me to live with relatives while she headed to Toronto to find work and attend night school.

Moving through many low-level paying jobs her ambition to succeed and hard work eventually paid off. By the time she was 46 years old she had written and published a text-book and was the chief editor and policy writer for one of Ontario’s largest crown corporations.


In 1986 my mom had begun to dabble again in art to help ease the stress from her high pressure career, and during the years ahead her art served as an important facet of her survival.

TinyFlowerAllow Creativity to Drive the Bus

What if the shoe doesn’t fit?

WordPress Photo Challenge: This week, show us a change in progress.

If the shoe doesn’t fit – decorate it.

A few years ago as a creative outlet I started decoupaging.  Creating Pop Art and Up-Cycled Art from redundant items such as high-heeled shoes and retro telephones. IMG_7890 IMG_7925 IMG_9470


Allow Creativity to Drive the Bus

Creative Genius: (Series I)

From 1986 through to 2002 my mother’s artistic talent re-emerged from her childhood and adolescent years. Her creative energy was in a sense a form of personal therapy, producing over 120 pieces of art. She says that her passion was sort-of, an automatic process combining realism with impressionism.  

Jean d’Agenais, A Canadian Hobbyist who had a dream: Supporting my mother’s habits, The Good & The Bad, the stuff that kept her alive and the stuff that almost took her life.

When I was a child the above painting along with one other were the only pieces that hung on the walls in our very little and barren apartment. I didn’t realize until recently that mum was the artist. I opened up the back of the frame and was astonished to discover that she had painted it when she was just 15 years old. 

Written on the back:

My first oil painting (1955) done when Mom and I took a painting course.   The teacher had us squirt paint onto a pallet, handed us some greeting cards and said ‘go to it’. The course was 6 weeks long (6 evenings), I was finished my painting the first night – Boring!

Allow Creativity to Drive the Bus