IMG_1022I’m a Professional Aromatherapist and Natural Perfumist who has been mucking around with essential oils since 1992.

I create aromatic concoctions under private label for other businesses, and every day I create personalized potions for my clients at the Aroma-Bar in my Apothecary & Art Boutique.

I’m an only child who was raised by a mother with a volatile personality, as a result, I learned at a young age how to entertain myself and channel my energy into productive creativity rather than destructive anxiety.

kept my-self quite amused during my youth, with crafts, playing solitaire, taking apart gadgets, turning my entire bedroom into a tent, and mucking around with my mother’s perfumes and cosmetics.

My curiosity about how children develop intrinsic motivation, coping strategies and resiliency despite early hardships has always piqued my interest with respect to personality development, as a result I’ve been slowing plugging away at a degree in psychology.

I love to mentor other folks (especially youth), focussing on strengths and niche skills that they possess in order to ‘up-the-ante’ with respect to intrinsic motivation and creativity, which ultimately elevates self-esteem.

Oh – and I also enjoy mucking around with social media platforms and I provide one-on-one tutorials to individuals who want to learn how to use Facebook effectively, build websites and blogs and how to use Twitter. I also enjoy writing poetry, participating in WordPress Photo Challenges, and turning redundant objects into decoupage works of art.

TinyFlowerLet creativity drive the bus.

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