Essentials Oils: Cats & Dogs


I want to address some concerns:
AIR DIFFUSION of Essential Oils: Cats & Dogs: 🐈 🐶

Essential Oils can be used safely in your home via air diffusion in the presence of your cats and dogs as long as the space is large and if there is good cross-ventilation. No animal or small child should be confined to a small room or enclosed in a room while diffusing essential oils.

I have yet to see any of my pets standing on the counter hovering over the diffuser and sniffing the vapours.

Diffusion of oils should only be done for short periods of time like 1 – 2 hours in order to elicit a response like relaxation or alertness.

Cat Warning: Cats lack an enzyme in their liver to break down essential oils if they were to ingest oils. Because cats spend a great deal of time grooming and licking—no essential oil product should be applied to the skin or fir of a cat. The application of essential oils to a cat could cause a toxic reaction. However it is still fine to use essential oils in the presence of your cat—such as in aromatic diffusers, or when using body care products for yourself or when you have applied an aromatherapy inspired spray to your linens or clothes.

Note:  Aromatherapy, like any other natural therapy is intended to complement not replace traditional medicine.  When in doubt about any medical condition, always seek medical advice.  See legal

TinyFlowerSandra Topper, #dropinforawhiff
Canadian Professional Aromatherapist & Aromachologist

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