Creative Genius: (Series 2)


Despite being a voracious reader my mother struggled academically during her youth due to her disruptive family life.   As well her artistic aspirations where often thwarted by criticism.

Get your head out of the clouds and focus on your studies.
Art doesn’t put food on the table.
That one looks as though a polar bear shat on it.

As a young adult in the early 60’s my mother’s creative spirit further ended up on the back burner while having to deal with the hardship and stigma associated with being a single parent.  Mom ended up sending me to live with relatives while she headed to Toronto to find work and attend night school.

Moving through many low-level paying jobs her ambition to succeed and hard work eventually paid off. By the time she was 46 years old she had written and published a text-book and was the chief editor and policy writer for one of Ontario’s largest crown corporations.


In 1986 my mom had begun to dabble again in art to help ease the stress from her high pressure career, and during the years ahead her art served as an important facet of her survival.

TinyFlowerAllow Creativity to Drive the Bus

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