Creative Genius: (Series I)

From 1986 through to 2002 my mother’s artistic talent re-emerged from her childhood and adolescent years. Her creative energy was in a sense a form of personal therapy, producing over 120 pieces of art. She says that her passion was sort-of, an automatic process combining realism with impressionism.  

Jean d’Agenais, A Canadian Hobbyist who had a dream: Supporting my mother’s habits, The Good & The Bad, the stuff that kept her alive and the stuff that almost took her life.

When I was a child the above painting along with one other were the only pieces that hung on the walls in our very little and barren apartment. I didn’t realize until recently that mum was the artist. I opened up the back of the frame and was astonished to discover that she had painted it when she was just 15 years old. 

Written on the back:

My first oil painting (1955) done when Mom and I took a painting course.   The teacher had us squirt paint onto a pallet, handed us some greeting cards and said ‘go to it’. The course was 6 weeks long (6 evenings), I was finished my painting the first night – Boring!

Allow Creativity to Drive the Bus

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