Fragrance – is it natural or synthetic: Lilac

lilacQ. Is there such a thing as Lilac Essential Oil?
A. Unfortunately no, the blooms do not yield enough of the aromatic oil, and if one were able to capture enough, (via distillation or Co2 extraction) the cost would equate to approximately $1000 per ounce, therefore any product on the market that smells of Lilac is probably synthetically scented.

That being said you can capture the fragrance naturally, through a process called Enfleurage, where fragrant petals or blossoms are saturated in a natural oil or fat.

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Note:  Aromatherapy, like any other natural therapy, is intended to complement not replace traditional medicine.  When in doubt about any medical condition, always seek medical advice.   See legal

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3 thoughts on “Fragrance – is it natural or synthetic: Lilac

  1. I make my own soap bars and one of the fragrances that I will not tire of is Lilac. And yes I use fragrance oils versus essential oils. I actually like how they smell better even though they are not the “real thing” as essential oils are. I’ve always said I wish I could find a way to bottle that smell every spring I have in the air when my French Lilacs flower. The smell is intoxicating and gets me actually feeling high. No lie. ❤

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    1. Love Love Love Lilacs too – when I was a kid – I’d stuff them into mason jars with whatever fluid I could get my hands on – I had no clue what I was doing. Oh what a mess.

      Essential oils can be very costly when used in soaps and other scented products. But you can incorporate the more affordable Essential Oils, such as Lavender and Citrus’ with fragrance oils and since fragrance oils are quite strong – just a drop or two go a long way.

      There is something to be said about using Essential Oils because they are natural especially from an ‘Aroma-therapeutic’ perspective. But from a psychological perspective – if a scent puts a smile on your face – that is definitely a positive in my books! 🙂

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      1. Oh, yes, the scent is what I am all about. Nothing like taking a hot shower after a very LONG tough day, picking up my bar of soap, and inhaling …. AHHHHHH ….. that oh so lovely smell. And the icing on the cake is body butters that I make as well, with the matching scent. Oh yeah, Baby, I know how to pamper me!!! LOL

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