What is an Essential Oil?

Egypt (1)Essential oils are distilled or expressed aromatic extracts that are derived from a wide range of aromatic plants.  These aromatic extracts contain upwards of 50 different naturally occurring components that work synergistically within the botanical matrix of the plant, rendering it with the ability to protect, defend, attract and heal.  The use of aromatic extracts (not necessarily distilled essential oils) dates back thousands of years and is similar to using herbal extracts, tinctures and teas to ease the discomforts from various physiological and psychological afflictions.  Essential oils are however very potent and should never be used in their pure or neat form on the skin.

Essential oils are used in the food and beverage industry and those which are of a culinary nature can be used in minute amounts in food and beverage recipes, however they should always be blended or dissolved in a natural edible alcohol, vegetable oil or in honey.  Note:  2 drops of essential oil is equivalent to one (1) teaspoon of dried herb.

Note:  Aromatherapy, like any other natural therapy, is intended to complement not replace traditional medicine.  When in doubt about any medical condition, always seek medical advice.   See legal

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